Professional Collision Equipment (PCE)

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Equipment Categories

PCE offers a full line of Frame Machines, to include the Goliath and E/VHT Impulse.

Frame Machines

With PCE's offering of equipment, you are ready to fix all metals, including Aluminum.

Aluminum Repair

Measuring Equipment

Welding Machines & Equipment

In the world of collision repair, you must have the right Welding Machines and Equipment.

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Professional Collision Equipment (PCE) L.L.C, is an authorized distributor for Chief Automotive Technologies, serving the Texas and New Mexico area.  Take a look at our site, services and equipment and please give us a call or submit a Contact Us Form and we will get back with you quickly.

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Garmat Paint Booths

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Wheel Service

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PCE offers a sophisticated line of computerized Measuring Equipment.

Once the structure is repaired, make it look "Mint", in a Garmat Paint Booth.

Don't let a service and profit walk out the door.  Equip your shop with a full line of tools and perform this work in shop.


PCE is proud to offer the full line of Global Jig Benches presented by Chief Automotive Technologies.

Global Jig Benches

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Mattei Compressors

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We offer a full line of Mattei Compressors. Click the button below for more information.

Innovative Tools

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Innovative Tools shop products are designed to enhance efficiency and increase profitability.

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